From 📍 Nuoro, Italy to ➡️ Orgosolo, Italy

Get ready for a fun trip from Nuoro, Sardinia, Italy to Orgòsolo/Orgosolo, Nuoro, Sardinia, 08027, Italy. This journey is great for friends or family who like taking turns driving or traveling together.

How far? Driving distance is 17.79 kilometers (11.05 miles)

How long? About 33 min by car

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You'll have all the details for your journey from the vibrant Nuoro, Sardinia, Italy to the energetic Orgòsolo/Orgosolo, Nuoro, Sardinia, 08027, Italy, ensuring a smooth adventure ahead. Enjoy your trip! Travel options include Car, Public Transport, or any other preferred method.

Drive Cost Calculator - Nuoro to Orgosolo

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Directions from Nuoro, Italy to Orgosolo, Italy

Nuoro, Italy

Geographical Coordinates (D° M' S") 40° 7' 39.574" N
9° 20' 32.580" E
Latitude 40.12765935
Longitude 9.342383344552438

Orgosolo, Italy

Geographical Coordinates (D° M' S") 40° 12' 17.129" N
9° 21' 17.770" E
Latitude 40.204758
Longitude 9.354936

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