Distance from Manteca, CA to Bakersfield, CA

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Traveling from Manteca to Bakersfield: A Comprehensive Guide

The journey from Manteca to Bakersfield is a beautiful blend of urban landscapes and stunning Californian scenery. In this guide, we will delve into the various travel options, distances, and expenses involved when traveling between these two cities.

Distance Overview

The distance from Manteca to Bakersfield is a significant factor when planning any trip. Having a clear understanding of this will help in making informed decisions on the best mode of transportation.

Manteca to Bakersfield: By the Numbers

Mode of Transport Distance (miles) Distance (kilometers) Travel Time Cost of Travel
Bus 170 273 4-5 hours $20-$50
Taxi 170 273 2.5-3 hours $150-$250
Car 170 273 2.5-3 hours Varies (fuel cost)
Plane Direct distance 145 233 1 hour $80-$250

Route Plan: Manteca to Bakersfield

When planning the route, consider factors such as scenic spots, road conditions, and pit stops. The most straightforward route usually involves taking the CA-99 S, a well-maintained highway that provides an easy and scenic journey.

? Driving: The Scenic Route

Driving offers the most flexibility. You can set your own pace, make stops, and even divert to nearby attractions. The drive along CA-99 S is known for its picturesque views. However, always ensure that your vehicle is in good condition before embarking on the journey.

? Bus: Economical and Relaxing

Traveling by bus is one of the most cost-effective ways. Not only do you get to relax and enjoy the view, but you also don't have to worry about driving. Most bus services offer comfortable seating and sometimes even onboard entertainment.

✈️ Flying: Quickest but Limited

Flying is undoubtedly the fastest way to travel between Manteca and Bakersfield. However, given the short distance, flights might be limited. Always check the flight schedules in advance. Additionally, factor in the time taken for security checks, boarding, and travel to and from the airport.

? Taxi: Convenient but Costly

Opting for a taxi offers convenience, especially if you're unfamiliar with the route or prefer not to drive. However, it is considerably more expensive than other options. It's essential to agree on the fare beforehand or ensure the taxi uses a meter.

Recommended Route

For a balance between cost and experience, driving or taking the bus are the top choices. Driving allows for a personalized journey, while the bus offers an economical and relaxing experience.

Additional Considerations for Your Journey

Traveling between Manteca and Bakersfield is not just about reaching the destination, but also about enjoying the journey. Here are a few more aspects to consider when traveling:

?️ Highway Amenities and Stops

The CA-99 S highway, which is the most straightforward route, is dotted with various amenities, including rest stops, eateries, and gas stations. It's always a good idea to take short breaks during your journey, especially if you're driving. This not only refreshes you but also gives you a chance to experience the local flavor along the way.

?️ Nearby Attractions

While the direct route is efficient, sometimes, taking a detour can lead to delightful discoveries. For instance, you can visit the Merced National Wildlife Refuge, which is a little off CA-99, but offers a chance to witness beautiful landscapes and wildlife.

? Entertainment for the Road

If you're driving or are on a bus without onboard entertainment, curate a playlist of your favorite songs or download some audiobooks or podcasts. Time flies when you're engrossed in a gripping story or grooving to great music!

?️ Culinary Delights

Both Manteca and Bakersfield boast unique culinary offerings. Before you leave Manteca, perhaps indulge in some local dishes. Similarly, upon reaching Bakersfield, make it a point to explore the local eateries. Travel is as much about food as it is about destinations!

? Bakersfield: What to Expect

Once you reach Bakersfield, there's a lot to see and do. From exploring the rich history at the Kern County Museum to enjoying live music at local venues, Bakersfield offers a blend of cultural and recreational activities. Do some research and chalk out a plan to make the most of your stay.


Traveling from Manteca to Bakersfield is more than just covering a distance; it's about experiences, discoveries, and making memories. Whether you choose the swift route of the skies or the grounded beauty of the highway, the journey promises to be memorable. Buckle up, set your playlist, and embark on this Californian adventure with zest and zeal! ?

Distance from Manteca, CA to Bakersfield, CA

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